We get a lot of positive feedback from our programs. For obvious reasons we aren't able to share the names of those who provided the feedback. Here are some of the testimonials we've received:

... wonderfully skilled experienced practitioners. Great program!

I have been to other treatments before, but this one was the most helpful.

I was very surprised by the way the counselor talked to the clients, which I felt was genuinely who he they are and not fake, like some of the counselors I have had in the past.

Gave me insight into why I used and what to do about it.

This is a straight-forward (no BS) program that makes you see yourself without making excuses for drinking. I was 100% able to say what was on my mind. I was mad, sad, and happy, and the counselor made me see myself in each situation.

 The counselors have a way with making you actually think and think again. That’s something that I needed. I would just like to say that I feel at home at Mid-Range where I can open up and be myself. You guys do a great job!

I think everyone can get something out of this program. I never expected to enjoy treatment, but I did!

I’ve always been shown the utmost respect to my lifestyle and the counselors have done the best to make themselves available and understanding toward my situation.

I feel pretty confident I know what I need to get to a place where I am confident and happy. I think the program is great as it is. It’s an easy-going atmosphere and comfortable setting. Keep up the great work. You guys will make a difference in a lot of people's lives.

The counselors and the group of people made me feel at home when we were in group. I could actually open up to them unlike other treatment centers that DIDN’T work.

I’ve learned better coping skills, mindfulness, and know I can always stop by here to talk if needed. I love both the counselors, always able to talk when you need. I am glad I chose to come to treatment here. Mid-Range is the best treatment around!

Actually being able to notice different motives and behaviors and a willingness and interest to look and be more honest with myself

I like that the counselors are straightforward and caring at the same time, and do not belittle or make you feel like a failure, and treat clients as people.

I recommend Mid-Range to everyone!

I’ve learned many tools that apply to everyday life that I believe will help me. Truthfull, I really enjoyed the program and I believe that the counselors do a great job.

I have been taught new ways to deal with addiction. I feel I am stronger mentally and physically and able to deal with my environment. The program as a whole is very good.

I very much enjoyed and got a lot out of my treatment, and would and will recommend it to everyone and anyone.

I am very grateful to have been through this program. I have learned a lot, and hope to soon be a part of helping others learn how to break free from a life of addiction.

I had a very positive and professional experience and would recommend your service to others.

I now understand that I was not doing drugs because it was fun; I was doing drugs to escape reality.

I was able to see for the first time in many, many years what it is like to be sober and live my life being free.